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Restaurante Olivier Avenida - Lisboa


In Petit Palais your party inspires the menu. Because a business lunch, a christening, a wedding or any other celebration call for different gastronomic experiences, we will provide a menu tailormade to you and your guests.
From dishes to drinks, starters to desserts, the entire experience is customised and thought through in detail to be perfect for you.


The Petit Palais is in a 19th century palace, former home of António de Medeiros e Almeida, the entrepreneur who established the Portuguese company Aero (later sold to TAP) and the Ritz Hotel in Lisbon, among others, and one of the biggest art patrons in Portugal. Located in one of the main thoroughfares in central Lisbon, perpendicular to the Avenida da Liberdade, the Petit Palais boasts a sophisticated and special atmosphere.

The interior design project of the Petit Palais is signed by Giano Gonçalves, who drew inspiration from the great French chateaux. Each room has a unique atmosphere, with colorful velvet and silk and furnishings that evoke the splendors of the past, harking back to the days of Marie Antoinette.
The dining room surprises us with the Garden of Love, the private room with its frescoes, and a toilet that recreates the atmosphere of bygone days, with an abundance of couches and rugs, and the billiard table-shaped wash basin expressly designed for it.


The Petit Palais is the ideal venues for all kinds of events, from business dinners/lunches, late afternoon meetings with cocktail parties, weddings, christenings, parties, conferences, amongst others. Once the venue for grand parties

and get-togethers, the palace hosted many European celebrities, amongst them Princes Rainier and Grace of Monaco. Today, it will host you and your guests, in your very own and exclusive party. The experience can only be unforgettable.

The moment you lay eyes on it you will find a thousand reasons to want to throw a party.


Restaurante Olivier Avenida - Lisboa


Smoking Area: Yes
Parking: Vallet Parking
Available access for people with reduced mobility

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