Award-winning travel writer, Sharron Livingston leaves us this piece of advice:

If you fancy something fancy, then check out one of celebrity chef Olivier da Costa‘s restaurants. He has opened a quartet of restaurants in the city centre, the most flamboyant is Yakuzza – sushi and sashimi with flair.

After Visiting Yakuza First Floor, Avenida and Guilty, Sharon shares with us its thought about Portuguese Chef Olivier da Costa:

“What I can say for sure is that this serial restaurateur has managed to stamp his personality with a quartet of restaurants in Lisbon, the country’s capital. So, hoping a little of his exuberance would rub off, I decided to go on an expedition of his much talked about gastronomy while I was in town.”

Read Sharon Livingston’s articles “24 hours in Lisbon” and “The Olivier da Costa restaurant experience in Lisbon” but be careful! You’ll be tempted not left never again.