It’s “Haven for foodies”

  • It's "Haven for foodies"
21 Aug 2018


Being the jewel on Mainland Europe’s crown, Lisbon is a haven for foodies with a tantalising array of incredible cuisine to suit every palette and tastebud.

And no one understands the food scene quite like Portugal’s answer to Gordon Ramsay, renowned chef Olivier da Costa, who owns 11 restaurants in the city; five of which are a stone’s throw from the Tivoli.



Lisa McLoughlin, from UK newspaper Daily Mail, describes Chef Olivier’s gastronomic experience like “Tantalising”, “Mouth-watering”, “Idyllic” and “sleek”.

No wonder that, in Lisbon,  Olivier is the choice of galactic stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Christian Bale, Madonna, Tom Hanks, Beyoncé and Jay Z.

From meat to sushi, from tasty cocktails to idyllic spaces, read Daily Mail original article, choose your favorite food and get ready to feel like a star.

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