“Chef Olivier Da Costa has been a stalwart of the Lisbon culinary scene for years paving the way for modern restaurants in Lisbon to meet the demands of its foodie visitors. He owns four popular restaurants in the city, our pick of which are firstly Olivier Avenida, Mediterranean cooking with experimental flavours – a Picanha steak with truffle linguini is particularly excellent. Secondly Yakuza, a sushi restaurant in a former silk factory that offers every imaginable Japanese delicacy from robata-grilled black cod to yellowtail sashimi.”
In a 48 hour guide to Lisbon, Esquire suggests the best of Lisbon, which includes the best restaurants to have a wonderful meal: all you have to pick is one of the amazing Olivier’s restaurants. Foodies will be challenged and impressed. Read the original article at www.esquire.com