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BY OLIVIER is Chef Olivier’s signature work and one of the most prestigious Portuguese chefs who celebrates 20 years of a successful career.

Olivier da Costa was born in Lisbon on 15 September 1975. He attended the Lycée Français de Lisbonne and later the Higher Hotel and Tourism School in Estoril.

He began his career by an internship in the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel. He opened the Terrace do Castelo in 1996 in Lisbon and after that the Olímpio, his first restaurant, a pioneer in Portugal in the concept of Brazilian trendy food, namely the famous Picanha, which continues to be a case study in the Portuguese market.

It was then that the first restaurant with his name and signature opened in Bairro Alto, the OLIVIER Restaurant.

He soon showed his entrepreneurial skills and opened, in Bairro Alto, the restaurant based on the concept that underpins his restaurants: degustation. With a unique and exclusive menu, he revolutionized the traditional idea that dinner consists in a starter, a main course and dessert.

New luxury shops and hotels, building restoration and urban renewal of this Lisbon avenue were some of the strategic factors that underpinned the appearance of another three new restaurants in the vicinity. Guilty, where we can experience new.

The opening of bistrot chic, the Petit Palais, heralded a new era in the offer of the Group Olivier, with the introduction of French cuisine together with a new entertainment concept, which currently revolves around the events sector.

Olivier da Costa completed 20 years’ professional career in 2016 with a total of 7 own restaurants and 5 with the Chef’s signature in various parts of the country. He is a landmark in the history of restaurants in Portugal because of his revolutionary concepts and trends, which ensure that each client will enjoy a unique experience upon entering a BY Olivier restaurant.