XXL: Olivier Da Costa opens a new chapter in one of Lisbon’s Historic restaurants

In the emblematic restaurant just across the Assembly of the Republic, the presidential oath is taken by the new “government” of XL, thus becoming XXL. The Olivier Group takes over the management of this iconic space brought to light by Vasco Gallego in 1994. The menu retains the soufflés and steaks that benchmarked a generation while adopting gastronomic offers with the Olivier da Costa twist.


Opening its doors in 1994 it rapidly became a hotspot for politicians, artists, investors and the national jet-set, 27 years gone by and XL begins a second chapter of its life. Vasco Gallego, Founder of this iconic São Bento landmark, passed the torch in the twenty-ninth of November 2021, directly onto Olivier da Costa, restaurateur with 25 years of career and 19 restaurants in 4 countries and 3 continents under his belt. Fuelled by this vast experience and in order to reflect the great ambition of this project, the new board added an X to the designation of the iconic restaurant, thus becoming XXL.

The Concept

Maintaining its bistro chic character in the menu tailored by Olivier, XXL brings forth traditional flavours alongside original dishes developed by the author of concepts like Yakuza by Olivier – which had a grand opening in Paris this year, in addition to four well established restaurants in Portugal – and SEEN – that goes well beyond Lisbon up to the rooftops of the luxurious Tivoli Mofarrej in São Paulo and Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel in Thailand’s capital.

The Menu

The menu, a well-kept secret until the day of the inauguration, exposes a coalition between respect for tradition and the irreverence of the restaurateur Olivier da Costa, with the top of the charts being oxtail croquette, XXL Steak, Café de Paris Steak and Lobster Bitoque Steak. In XXL democracy is in place, among conservative and liberal flavours each individual has the freedom to cast its vote.

Complete Menus

Our team of successful chefs exhibit the instinct to combine fresh ingredients and create

The Lunch

Our lunch includes an introduction of an extended menu with daily suggestions that combine couvert, a main dish and a drink. It brings to light the traditional soufflés, the Café Paris steak and courses made by Olivier, such as Codfish “à Lagareiro”, the succulent Monkfish rice, or a more audacious Monkfish course sliced in picanha. Besides these and other XXL usuals, every day of the week Olivier da Costa will elaborate a course accordant to the XXL maxim: “food just like a mother’s hug”.

The week begins with Codfish “à Marujo”, followed by a Portuguese Veal “Iscas”. On Wednesday there is Duck Rice, on Friday, Prawns and Cuttlefish “Feijoada”, and after all, the week finale includes a course that carries the tradition of 25 years as a chef and a Portuguese entrepreneur, the Portuguese stew Olivier’s style. Not only during lunch but every day the Fish fillet of Lookdown fish arises, such as the Tartar Steak with french fries and the Olivier Sauce, the Monkfish Rice and the Prawns “Açorda”, both with salad aside.

By the hands of Chefpreneur Olivier

“When I spoke to my friend Vasco Gallego about the dream to manage XL, immediately we were in tune. We closed the deal with no hesitation. Doing so after a 25-year career, after a pandemic and in the context of the international expansion efforts by Olivier Group, has a very important meaning both to me and my team” explains Olivier da Costa. “The responsibility of succeeding Vasco and recreating the dynamics and glamour that XL had in the 90’s is huge, only now, with the energy and creativity that Olivier Group developed along the XXI century.”, claims the spokesman of the group that now manages the place by the Republic Assembly.


Monday to Wednesday: 12:30PM - 15PM and form 19:30PM - 01:30AM
Thursday to Saturday:
 12:30PM - 15PM and form 19:30PM - 02:00AM
Sunday: 19:30PM - 02:00PM

Adress: Calçada da Estrela 57, Lisboa