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Once through the door that opens on Avenida da Liberdade, you realize how “new” is more than an adjective, it is the core of Yakuza Lisboa. The sumptuous composition of the various spaces contributes to a distinctive presence in the capital.

Yakuza presents exclusive creations that surprise with the best that the fusion between East and West has to offer. At the counter of the sushi bar or at a table overlooking the garden, it presents a creative, eclectic and top quality menu

The respect for the history already traced by Yakuza in Lisbon will not, however, tamper with the restaurateur’s dedication to an experience of excellence, truly distinctive, for the customers of this restaurant where the fusion of flavors and the creativity with which Olivier da Costa combines Mediterranean flavors with the oriental tradition of sushi and sashimi remain reflected in the menu.



Yakuza Algarve is considered by many to be the best Japanese restaurant in the Algarve. This is the summer version of the renowned Yakuza First Floor in Lisbon, which arrives in the south by the hand of chef Olivier da Costa. The restaurant is located in the Pine Cliffs Resort, with direct access from outside the resort and open only for dinner, every day of the week.

Yakuza Algarve, by Olivier returns again to Pine Cliffs, a Luxury Collection Resort, in Praia da Falésia, for another stay, which will extend until the end of the vacation period and takes Japan to the Algarve summer.

With three distinct spaces – one indoor, more intimate, and two outdoors – there is a modern and minimalist decor in gray, black and white tones. The space is sober and elegant, with a refined but relaxed and informal atmosphere.



At Yakuza by Olivier Cascais, located in the exclusive Sheraton Cascais Resort, lovers of Japanese cuisine can now find impeccable cuisine and an explosion of flavors, with the seal of quality and irreverence inherent to the Yakuza brand.

The Yakuza by Olivier restaurant has arrived in Cascais, the result of a partnership between Olivier da Costa and United Investments Portugal, owner of the Sheraton Cascais Resort and Pine Cliffs Resort in the Algarve. What is considered the best Japanese restaurant in the Portuguese capital makes its debut in the luxury resort of Cascais. All this in the most exclusive area of the village of Cascais, in the heart of Quinta da Marinha, where the Sheraton Cascais Resort is installed. Although close to Lisbon, it allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital, enjoying a meal in the middle of an oasis of tranquility and comfort, where the green of the vegetation blends with the blue of the sea.



Yakuza has just arrived in Invicta, bringing a menu full of exclusive creations that will surprise you with the best that the fusion between East and West has to offer. Olivier da Costa’s third space in Porto, and the brand’s fourth in the country, is set up at Maison Albar Hotels – Le Monumental Palace, on Avenida dos Aliados. At the new address, the brand’s recipe for success is maintained, through a creative, eclectic and irreverent menu, which presents sushi and sashimi suggestions, prepared in a traditional way or reinvented with a strong Mediterranean influence, but also makizushi and gunkans, tempuras and dishes from the robata, the Japanese grill.



After passing through the golden door at the back of the hotel lobby, you enter an intimate atmosphere imagined by the architect of the house, Fabien Roque (Roque Intérieurs). At the entrance, you will discover a real Yakuza (Japanese mobster), with walls painted with urban art and soft lights. The restaurant is imagined as the setting for a unique Japanese-Brazilian experience that brings back the festive heritage of the Lyon D’Or of yesteryear, a hangout attended by Parisian high society that existed there in the 1880s.



On the stunning island of Tenerife, Yakuza by Olivier celebrates sushi like never before. Under the signature of renowned Portuguese restaurateur Olivier da Costa, this is a culinary fusion where the best of East meets West.
For sushi lovers, it’s a dream come true. Yakuza by Olivier Tenerife offers an exceptional experience, with pieces of sushi that are true masterpieces.


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